Inspiring Project looks to help people waiting for psychological interventions

The period between referral, assessment and being offered an intervention can be a very difficult and anxious time for those awaiting care and for their families.

Last year, a collaborative of mental health professionals and third sector colleagues in Wales came together to see if they could find solutions to help people while they wait for a psychological intervention. Through their work, they were acutely aware of the feelings of isolation and hopelessness felt by many struggling with their mental health whilst on a waiting list for treatment. The team wanted to find out what tangible support could be offered to make the waiting period less difficult. Their application to Q Exchange for funding to take forward this work was successful and the ‘Waiting as well as possible’ project was born.

The idea in a nutshell

This pilot is taking place in Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board (CTMUHB) Central to the project’s test of change is the appointment of two new roles to a local team – A Peer Support Worker and an Assistant Psychologist.

The Peer Support Worker’s role is to provide individual support to an agreed number of people on a waiting list for psychological intervention. The project aims to provide a service tailored to meet the needs of the individual, and the team has and will continue to engage with people who are waiting and the staff who work with them once they have been seen. The project’s overarching goal is to help people on this waiting list to stay as well as possible whilst waiting.

The team are pleased to announce that a Peer Support Worker had now been appointed and will be starting shortly.

Q Exchange Community

The team, led by Dr Andrea Davies, Head of Mental Health Psychology at CTMUHB, and Andrea Gray, Improvement Cymru’s Mental Health Development Lead, could not have started on this journey without the funding from the Health Foundation’s Q Exchange. Members of the successful projects work collaboratively to develop project ideas with the potential to create impact across the health and care system. Being part of Q exchange has meant the team has had access to ongoing support from Q as well as expertise in evaluating outcomes.

The Q Exchange community is a great place to partner with health professionals across the UK facing similar challenges to improve the delivery of health services.

Q Exchange 2024 – Submit your funding bids now

With the closing date for Q Exchange funding bids fast approaching, health professional colleagues with an innovative idea are encouraged to take the next step, visit the Q Exchange web site and submit your idea.

  • Q Exchange offers Q members the chance to develop project ideas and submit bids for up to £40,000 of funding.
  • Q Exchange have allocated £800,000 of funding for its 2024 programme. It is delivered by Q and jointly funded by the Health Foundation and NHS England.
  • Q’s collaborative online process supports applicants to refine and develop their project ideas with the help of the Q community.

The deadline to submit your idea to the Q website is Tuesday 27 February 2024, 12.00.